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nuno2Are you not performing well at work? Do you have difficulties dealing with your clients, boss, and/or work colleagues?

Do you feel exhausted from work and lack motivation in business so that all your life is being impacted by this and you suspect that you may be experiencing burnout?

Do you complain of excessive fatigue, lack of or disturbed sleep, reoccurring illnesses and/or injuries, lack of ability to recover from training and a feeling of chronic fatigue?

Are you not performing well in your sport, feeling demotivated, anxious, exhausted/overtrained or lost interest for your sport?

By working with me during a complete coaching programme (6 to 12 months depending on your needs – Life Coaching, Business Performance Coaching or Sports Performance Coaching) you will open to:

  • Your current way of dealing with your issue, exploring (through specifically tailored practices) the main resistances and obstacles that are impeding your success;
  • Improve your ability to deal physically, mentally and emotionally with your main struggles;
  • Embody a new way of being in your topic that inspires and supports you to excel and uncover the potential inherent in every human, which lies within you;
  • Emerge at the end of the coaching with new fresh eyes, feeling more alive, energized and able to face life with new tools that will take you to the success you so aspire to.

Hear what others have to say about my work:

“Having Nuno as my coach has been a truly life-changing experience. Right from day one, from the questions he asked and the insights and revelations they ignited, from the quality of his listening and his expert conciseness in summarising, from the way I felt constantly supported, understood and encouraged in a totally empathic way,  I had no doubt I was in the hands of a true Master Coach”

“After my very first coaching conversation with Nuno I gained the clarity to make a significant life change – reduce my hours to part-time in my current job so that I could develop my own coaching practice. It really does sound too good to be true but 6 months from that first session I now have at least 5 days off per week to put into my own creative efforts and I am earning more money than I ever have done in the past, with far more energy, way less stress, and much more time to have fun and hang out with friends and family. My take home learning is that there are countless ways to creatively organize your life, but unconscious habits and limitations can hold you back from creating the life you really want and taking the risks that you need to take. Working with Nuno supported me with both. I see what blocks me and I’m pushing the limits of what I thought was not possible for me”

“I started this coaching program because I wanted to recover my motivation for bodyboarding and, above all, to reagin the excitement for surfing that was gone after having burned-out! In the end, this journey encompassed not only y sport but my life outside of it… and in such a deep way. Thanks Nuno from the bottom of my heart for helping find myself, my sport and my life!”

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