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Hi! I am an Integral Master Coach™ (trained by Integral Coaching Canada, Inc.) working in the areas of elite sport and business through modern video conferencing. I have a PhD in Sports Science and have become a Master Coach in June 2014. Since then I have accumulated 1000+ hours of coaching and over 70 clients, of which over 40 are athletes. I have had my best results so far with João Macedo attaining the 3rd place on the Big Wave World Tour @ Nazaré (Dec 2016), and Manuel Centeno concluding his 10th Bodyboarding title in December 2016!!

Years ago I created the concept of Integral Sports and wanted to work with it in the field of elite sport, helping athletes to overcome main obstacles and help unleash their potentials. I have an extensive past in high-competitive swimming, having swum for Portugal and winning several national titles. During my career, I experienced the deleterious effects of overtraining that after a period of about 5 years (age of 21) culminated in the end of my swimming years. I was however always highly motivated in discovering what had gone wrong in my training and therefore decided to investigate this topic during my PhD studies.

I feel that because I studied overtraining and burnout in depth and also experienced it, I have become well acquainted with the struggles, difficulties and despairs athletes go through. This helps my coaching work immensely because I can more easily feel into the athlete’s world – I join my sports experience, with sports science and the art of Integral Coaching method. Regarding the latter, I studied with what is considered the most advanced school of coaching in the world, i.e. Integral Coaching Canada Inc. I want to help humans reach higher for their potentials and make significant and profound changes to their lives.

My work focuses mainly in two areas, business and elite sport. I have worked with business clients, CEOs, and international-level athletes across sports like surfing, tennis, rugby, swimming, athletics. I work directly with high-level athletes, parents of athletes, sports coaches. My coaching work leads to an improvement in performance in many different ways: clarity into the reasons that have left individuals where they are in sport or life; an increase in confidence; better self-esteem and stress management; greater focus; higher life energy; healthier relationships; less anxiety; higher trust; and in life overall since this method tackles not only the actual problem but all that is contributing to it. My purpose is to help humans live a fuller life by becoming better connected with their inner potential.

I have experienced great success with my clients using the Integral Coaching® method to improve performance in business and sport. Read what this client had to say:

I was going through an identity crisis with my work and my personal life. I felt demotivated and lost as to where my place was both in my company and in the world. From the first sessions where we defined the coaching program and action plan, added by an amazing and transparent metaphor, you motivated me as an individual through your intelligence and incredible sensibility to pinpoint and explore problems and causes, be them professional or personal. It feels incredibly rewarding to work with someone so down-to-the-point; while the one-on-one sessions were incredibly profound they helped me reflect and become more conscious of several disruptive patterns in myself, your coaching practices would bring practical progress and a clear way to the path of my new way of being.

“In your struggle lies the potential for your success”

Nuno Matos, PhD and Integral Master Coach™

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