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Burnout in Business

Burnout in Business

Perhaps the most crucial point I discovered through my studies was that there are strong similarities between someone who is experiencing burnout in business and an athlete; the main difference being the context in which this phenomenon occurs. Importantly, the incidence of burnout in business is quite high (ranging from 20% in the US to over 40% in developed countries like Japan). A lot of people are needing support to overcome issues relating to burnout in business but often don’t know where to find help. Many burnout patients have been prescribed medical drugs as the common approach to treating this state, which will, at best, inhibit the symptoms and related pains, but not solve the roots of the problem.

I have worked successfully helping workers to overcome burnout in business and many of my clients with burnout symptoms have recovered completely and have regained joy and vitality in what they do. I believe my business motivation coaching has been successful mainly because the methodology I use integrates exterior aspects (physical and behavioural) of the client’s life with interior ones (emotional, mental, psychological). Further, as much as seeing the client as an individual I also acknowledge the inevitable ties that connect the client to life, society and culture.

This makes me take into account the realm of culture and relationships; synchronous with the reality of social structures and the input they have in the development of their burnout in business. Some people see the problem of burnout in business purely from a biological, physical and medical perspective, others from a psychological one and others from a sociological one. This does not mean that they are wrong with their business coaching approach but simply that their ways of dealing with the issue are partial, fragmented and incomplete because they miss essential aspects of reality that are ever-present and therefore, must be considered. My approach to burnout in business is an integral one that takes all these aspects together into a coherent framework that is the base of my work.

Here what others had to say:

“What I got from coaching in the end was so unexpected compared to what I thought I was going to get when I started. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the pressures of my PhD that I was no longer coping anymore: couldn’t study, couldn’t read anymore, couldn’t focus, etc. The coaching impacted my life greatly by helping me become more relaxed under pressure, through improving my self-confidence levels and also the efficiency at work and in my PhD studies. Even though I increased significantly my productivity at work, I also started enjoying life much more and importantly, allowing myself to find moments to relax and fully enjoy them without having constant concerns with work. I therefore strongly recommend anyone on the verge of burning out like I was to get involved with Nuno!”

“Nuno struck a chord with me from our initial consultation. I had spoken to and worked with other coaches who were driven by their process and I was underwhelmed. In contrast, Nuno had a structure to our sessions that was frighteningly specific and relevant to my personality and my topic – dealing with the immense and overwhelming pressures at work. It was my own personal journey with a coach who helped me understand myself better than ever before. I achieved success in my topic and have maintained the structure Nuno helped develop within me in the months since our coaching stopped. As a result, I feel like my potential is being realized where previously it felt wasted.  I feel more alive than I ever have.  I can’t recommend Nuno enough, to the extent that my wife will be working with Nuno shortly.”

If you feel you are suffering from burnout or think you may be a victim of burnout in business or any related field, please don’t hesitate to contact me and book a free 30-minute session.

“Drive your business. Don’t let your business drive you”

Benjamin Franklin, American scientist from the 18th century

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