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Coaching in Business

I have worked successfully with numerous clients when coaching in business; in some cases my clients have reported business performance coaching to have been life-changing. I work with clients on a variety of different problems and issues, like how to improve motivation in business, lack of productivity, continuous procrastination, high levels of anxiety, depression and more. Further, due to my background in sports science that involved studying and working with athletes suffering from burnout, I have specialized in working with individuals experiencing burnout in business.

My approach to working with clients has been successful because it is supported by a methodology that attempts to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible, so that important “stuff” is not left out. Through their coaching work, clients tend to experience a sense of being seen, which leads to an opening that allows greater progress and efficient exploration of the client’s topic. Together with the methodology I also listen to my intuition and heart to guide and inform my decisions. I worry in creating a coaching climate that is comfortable and warm, helping clients relax and feel safe.

Here’s what clients had to say:

“I was going through an identity crisis with my work and my personal life. I felt demotivated and lost as to where my place was both in my company and in the world. It’s amazing how all I looked for when I searched you for coaching was to simply regain the motivation at work and I came out on the other side with an experience that has profoundly impacted my life at all levels. By using the practices we managed to explore the roots to my lack of motivation and I ended up entering an incredible ride, a fantastic journey of self-growth where I found myself as a person – I realize that to feel good at work I needed to look for harmony in the remaining quadrants of my life. The concept and method of Integral Coaching is not enough to even start describing this experience. People say that we can only find who we are when we are taken to our limits and this is what I feel today together with an immense gratitude for you. Thank you Nuno.”

“I was struggling to face all that life was presenting me with. Luckily I heard about Nuno… and after our first contact, it was immediately apparent how he could help me! It was an incredible journey. I couldn’t have felt more understood, which immediately allowed me to fully trust Nuno’s work. The program was completely tailored to my needs, helping me touch on repressed emotions (that I didn’t even know were there), whilst teaching me to manage those very emotions in a much more controlled, safe and generous manner. The result was finding better ways to deal with difficult relationships in my life. I feel genuinely happy and strong because since the coaching program ended 4 months ago I the change didn’t fade away! I cannot thank you enough for this terrific journey, filled with emotions and experiences that I will forever keep with me, as they help me move forwards. I cannot recommend Nuno enough. If you identify with my words… don’t waste time and contact him!”


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