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Coaching in Sport

Coaching in Sport

During my sports science studies that span over 10 years I have worked with athletes  from different sports like swimming, surfing, golf, rugby, tennis, athletics and more. Through my past as a swimmer I was often struck with what sport psychologists work was like and how they could help an athlete improve sports performance. With a deep insight into different disciplines like Sports Mentoring, Sport Psychology, Developmental Psychology I can more easily see how these different disciplines influence each other mutually.


Improve Sports Performance

When I coach an athlete I inquire him/her on all levels of life, from the physical and psychological responses to training and competition, to relationships with parents, peers and coaches, work-related stress and more. I also work with sports parents and have seen how they come out of the coaching feeling much “lighter” and able to control themselves emotionally, and improve the way they communicate and support their child; this will also naturally impact the athlete in a positive manner. Having competed at international level I find it easy to resonate with the athletes’ struggle and build rapport straight from the beginning of the coaching. Check out the comments some of my athletes have written about their coaching experience – click here. If you want to take your performance to the next level, or if you are struggling with anxiety and nervousness inyour sport, or if you break down when competing and feel lost with no one to give you specialized support, I can do this. Contact me by email or to book a Skype call here.

Here’s what these clients had to say:

“In this journey with Nuno I developed a lot of capabilities that I soon realized are so needed in our daily lives but not necessarily used. In my case, a lot of those capabilities were related to my sports performance. I realized and learned how important awareness of emotions is because it helps me to understand what I am feeling, when and why. In addition, being conscious and present in the moment is the starting point to taking good and wise decisions. When you bring these two together (emotional awareness and ability to be present) you basically have a very powerful and efficient tool. Now if you add these 2 main ones with all other capabilities developed during the coaching program with Nuno the result was a profound change in my life be it on a personal level, as well as interpersonally and consequently, in my sport and professional life. Thank you so much Nuno for this profound and amazing journey.”
Manuel Centeno, 10 times Portuguese Bodyboard Champion

“For a year I got to know myself better and learned to become more aware of my emotions both in my mind and in the body! I learned to accept certain fears and insecurities about myself, allowing vulnerability to also be present (without having to run away from it), which brought me a true confidence in myself that I had never experienced before; now I truly know what it means to be confident. I became more creative spontaneous and relaxed in the decisions I take in life regarding my sport, studies, and personal life. I came back into competition with a new strength in me, a force like never before experienced. Thank you Nuno from the bottom of my heart for this journey that improved my life at all levels!

Bernardo Machado, Bodyboard National Champion

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