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The best practice is to always return back to practice

Written on July 3, 2014 at 5:05 pm

“The best practice of all, is to always return back to practice”… said by Joanne Hunt, my teacher and such an inspiration and admiration as a human being for me.


Embodiment requires practice. Growth also requires practice. And practice may mean a simple intellectual or cognitive exercise that is done essentially through using and exchanging words. On another note it may mean something we actually do, with intention, focus and a clear objective, that INVOLVES using our body!


After, 9 months of disciplined, focused, and clear practices, I have come to realize and understand the meaning of the word EMBODIMENT. Both, with myself and in my clients. When we practice something that includes AND TRANSCENDS our cognitive abilities, we can use a lot more of the human dimensions that are available to us as human beings, like moral, spiritual, somatic, emotional, psychosexual, interpersonal (and more), and USE our body, not just our minds. Then, one can feel the power of embodiment occurring. Stick to your practice for a while and you will start noticing how a new behaviour can solidly emerge within you, one that becomes automatic and therefore, em-bodied.


I see a lot of schools of thought that either, do not work with embodiment, i.e. they do not offer specific practices for their students/clients to engage in, AND/ OR only work with one or a couple of human dimensions available. This leads to a practice that albeit carrying positive aspects that are certainly needed, is essentially partial or incomplete and consciously or unconsciously excludes important aspects of the human dimensions, which are exerting an influence on how an individual “walks their talk”.


In my coaching practice, I have been fortunate to see real examples of embodiment happening with my clients. Towards the end of their coaching program they arrive “in a different body” and you can almost “smell” it. In other words, you feel it, you see it and they report it back to you. Change that comes from embodiment of something new, is a change that is sustainable, as opposed to “ahah, I see it!”, and yet the past and current patterns of behaviour stay the same.


Embodiment for me is real solid growth that opens you up, opens your heart and mind to new possibilities in life, whilst unleashing your potential and allowing your soul to shine more as you learn to dance with Life. I am so privileged and proud of having built my own company and a huge dream in my life Nuno Matos Integral™ ( where I get the opportunity to work with real life examples and slowly start to make a significant difference in the lives of athletes, parents and sports coaches. Thank you to all of you who directly or indirectly have helped me to get here. A lot more to come.

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