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Performance in Business

Performance in Business

Do you feel you are lacking motivation in your work, which is affecting your performance in business?

Are you too anxious and feel this disturbs your quality of life and ability to work within a business?

Do you feel that you cannot keep focus for enough time to produce the work you need?

Do you see yourself so busy that you cannot find time to relax and enjoy life more fully?

Do you think your lack of organisation is disturbing your productivity and performance in business?

Do you struggle with finding good relationships in the workplace (or outside) and feel this is affecting your performance in business and of those around you?

Performance in business is crucial in your growth and enjoyment for everyday life.

My approach to the various performance in business issues mentioned is often received by people working in a particular business setting is an integral one. By integral, I mean that it is based on a framework that always attempts to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible so that important aspects of reality – that are actively influencing the problem – are not left out. The coaching methodology I use for performance in business and my other relative fields of expertise, is predominately influenced by my education from the Integral Coaching Canada® school, fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). This is the only ICF accredited Integral Coaching training program that meets and surpasses Masters Level ICF training requirements. Further, it is recognized by the ICF to be one of the top coaching schools in the world. This methodology offers a coaching training programme that delivers on the long held promise of the coaching field: to enable deep and lasting change in clients.

If you find yourself in any turmoil regarding your performance in business – or any situation you feel is similar – don’t hesitate to contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation call.

“Failure simply means the opportunity to start again, but this time more intelligently.”

Henry Ford, American businessman and inventor

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