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In this journey with Nuno I developed a lot of capabilities that I soon realized are so needed in our daily lives but not necessarily used by humans. In my case, a lot of those capabilities were related to my sports performance. I realized and learned how important awareness of emotions is because it helps me to understand what I am feeling, when and why. In addition, being conscious and present in the moment is the starting point to taking good and wise decisions. When you bring these two together (emotional awareness and ability to be present) you basically have a very powerful and efficient tool. Now if you add these 2 main ones with all other capabilities developed during the coaching program with Nuno the result was a profound change in my life be it on a personal level, as well as interpersonally and consequently, in my sport and professional life. Thank you so much Nuno for this profound and amazing journey.

Manuel Centeno, Professional Bodyboarder, 10 times Portuguese Champion, 1 x World Bodyboard Champion, 1 x European BJJ Champion, 1 x Bronze World Abu Dhabi Champion


Conclui o meu segundo programa de Coaching com o Nuno…

No início de Fevereiro de 2015 sentia-me literalmente a sufocar, estava a colocar uma enorme pressão sobre mim própria, tanto a nível desportivo e competitivo, como a nível pessoal e profissional. A pressão levava a indecisões e a mau estar comigo mesma, não conseguindo atingir nada do que tanto planeava. Talvez planeasse demais e não estivesse a deixar as coisas fluir… Foi por aqui que este segundo programa de Coaching me ajudou muito! Não pensar no dia de amanhã, deixar tudo acontecer como tiver que acontecer e sem grandes planos! Hoje, perante as adversidades do dia-a-dia, consigo conectar-me muito mais e melhor comigo mesma e tenho plena consciência de que algo mudou. Esta é a grande diferença que sinto em relação ao primeiro programa de Coaching… Sinto-me mais consciente da mudança e sem dúvida, mais feliz!

Obrigada Nuno por toda a tua ajuda. Foi um grande desafio para mim também!

Ana Adão, Campeã Europeia de Bodyboard, Nutricionista


Inicialmente, decidi experimentar este programa de coaching com o Nuno, com a intenção de recuperar a motivação pela competição no Bodyboard e acima de tudo, voltar a ter aquela pica para surfar, que sentia estar a perder-se aos poucos. No entanto, esta viajem acabou por englobar não só o Bodyboard, mas também todas as áreas da minha vida, e de forma profunda.

Ao longo de um ano conheci-me melhor e aprendi a ter consciência e perceção das minhas emoções e a estar presente com elas no momento, somaticamente. Aprendi a aceitar e lidar com os meus medos e inseguranças, tornando-me cada vez mais vulnerável e isto foi a ponte que faltava para me tornar progressivamente mais confiante em mim próprio; verdadeiramente! Isto ajudou-me a ser mais criativo, espontâneo e relaxado nas decisões que tomo na minha vida, tendo como consequência uma melhoria significativa nessas mesmas decisões, principalmente porque agora consigo conectar-me mais com o meu coração nos momentos de stress e pressão.

Obrigado Nuno do fundo do coração por me teres ajudado a encontrar-me e por esta viagem que melhorou a minha vida a todos os níveis, tanto no Bodyboard, como nas minhas interações e estudos.

Bernardo Machado, Campeão Nacional de Bodyboard, Estudante de Medicina Dentária


I had been overtrained for over a year and reaching burnout when I started getting coaching from Nuno. Nuno helped me realise what was good and not so good, not only in my training but outside as well. By working on my relationship with my swimming coach and expressing more of my needs I suddenly felt more understood and a lot of the pressure dropped. With the pressure dropping so did my symptoms of irritability, completely disturbed sleep, feeling so tired, etc., and I became more able to know better what I wanted, more relaxed in competitions, especially before entering them and as a result, my performance slowly started to come back. Actually, I never experienced swimming in the same manner again. For anyone who is struggling with chronic fatigue and lack of performance I highly recommend finding support with Nuno.

Anne Zimmers, 16 year-old national level swimmer, UK


I am aSport Psychologist and although I have a different educational background, I think that Nuno’s approach to coaching is very interesting. First of all, he is very passionate about researching new ideas and conveying them to others in the best possible way. Although I was not familiar with his theoretical background, I was really interested about it and realized that this approach can be helpful to athletes and can be complimentary to Sport Psychology. His coaching has a real background and Nuno has done a tremendous work to assimilate the theory and transforming it into his practice. Beyond his knowledge, Nuno has personal qualities that make him a good listener and he is really opened to others. Being a coach does not mean imposing a point of view and I think that Nuno always makes a point of questioning himself, his practice and how he can improve to more efficiently help others. His communication skills and his personality make him a very good professional in his work and allow him to work in different areas of practice.

Sophie Huget, PhD, Sport Psychologist and writer


Coaching with Nuno was an enriching and gratifying experience. Through these months I was able to improve my confidence (questioning who I am, my wants and capabilities had an impact!), which allowed me to discover the best in me, learn to grab whatever opportunities may come in life, and allow my goals and dreams to unfold naturally. It’s simply incredible to experience looking at the world in a different way. It was a road of self-discovery that allowed me to discern what really matters from what doesn’t, and take action. One of the most important realizations I had is that my real strength comes from touching and “speaking” to the inner voice inside of me; the one that unleashes our potential and will to win. I will never forget this! Thank you Nuno for the experience and, above all for the healthy transformation that you so influenced in myself and life. I feel without a doubt a better person and a much stronger athlete!!

Susan Griss, 21 year-old Judo National and European Champion


In the beginning I had no idea of what and how the coaching would be but it ended up becoming an experience that allowed me to realize things about myself that I had never known before; basically, what was unconscious in me became conscious. This helped me immensely on my swimming performance and I obtained the best results ever in my so far carrier. At school I also improved and especially as a person it helped me to realize aspects in myself that I didn’t like and to find a better behaviour. I became more confident about myself and more opened with people and their opinions. Overall, my way of looking into the world changed! :) Thank you Nuno.

João Ricardo, 16 year-old national-level swimmer


Engaging in this Integral Coaching program with Nuno along these past 7 months was a process of self-discovery and learning to recognize and cope with my current way of being. I started contacting a Harmony in my life that only now I was able to achieve, even if this is a gradual process. The Integral Coaching gave me new tools to “navigate the river of my life”, using the strength of its current in my benefit, even if at times I may need to row energetically to overcome potential obstacles, whilst still appreciating the journey of Life.

Rita Fernandes, Mother of a 15 year-old national swimmer 


In the beginning I had no idea what to expect from the coaching, but after the first session where I was offered my current way metaphor of Reactive Sprinter it got me thinking and, despite feeling there was truth to it I was somehow resistant to the image. As the sessions went along I started realizing that Nuno was right and that whenever I would find myself out of my comfort zone I would go for another “sprint”! In other words, I would “attack” so not to allow people to come close to me. With the accumulation of practices through the weeks I started becoming calmer, listening more, opening my heart, breathing more and connecting to my body, which then allowed me to become more aware of my emotions and feelings. Above all, I was able to control myself better and progressively less “sprints” became needed. After a 7-month coaching program I feel a better person, more balanced, more communicative and most important, closer to my daughter and better able to support her in her sport. I have also gained a super friend, i.e. Nuno!

Susana Reis, Mother of a 13 year-old national-level triathlete


Hi! My name is João. When I was suggested coaching I had no idea of what to expect. My problem with uncontrollable anxiety was seriously affecting my life and specifically my own evolution in bodyboarding. My issue worsened after I suffered a motorcycle accident and the anxiety that came after affected both my recovery and how I was dealing with my training and competitions. However, as I engaged in the practices given by Nuno I gained awareness about my emotions and started dealing with them in a more effective manner. Now that I have completed my coaching program I am able to maintain relaxed, calm and control the consequences of my emotions, which led me to understand better the power of integral coaching and Nuno’s professionalism. Before the coaching I would practice manoeuvres that were clearly above my level, which didn’t allow me to build a stronger technical base of my surfing. Now I can accept myself and my level much more and evolve step by step and consequently progress much more. In championships the nerves I used to feel would leave me almost unable to move but now I can control this and in this last championship (straight after completing my coaching program), I felt much more confident in the water and manoeuvered at my best level, obtaining my best results ever!

I recommend Nuno’s coaching to anyone who is facing a similar problem . Whilst Nuno’s coaching may go unnoticed and sort of stay on the background of my sport, it makes such a significant difference in our way of being; a very positive one, really positive in fact! With this I want to thank Nuno for all he has done to help me get here. Thank you Nuno!

João Lé, 15-year old Portuguese bodyboarder


As everything in life, one is always trying to improve and to become a better person, in my case, a better swimming coach. I have always had well defined objectives and have always been opened to new things that may improve what I want to achieve. When I started this coaching program with Nuno was because I wanted to improve myself so that I could offer more to my athletes and engage even more with my life’s passion and my personal life. However, the unknown was always present… The growth, not of a new individual but of a more evolved one, more aware of himself and of his potential, more focused and especially, more communicative kept gaining more and more shape as the coaching went on. Even today after having completed the program, this new being that lives inside myself is still growing inspired by what I experienced and learned. I learnt something different and special about myself and became better able to invest more efficiently on what has been my deep passion all these years. The coaching program showed me the hidden potential inside me that wouldn’t be expressed because I was timid to do so, and allowed me to become that more evolved human being to do better, to improve and much more!!

Roy Smith, Swimming Coach, UK


Parenting is unconditional and our behaviour is conductive to the growth of the relationship with your child. As a father I presumed that my input into the relationship was to provide material and economic security which allowed our child the opportunity to develop, experience and take part within competitive sport. However after a few years I was aware that my involvement in terms of emotional support and sharing experiences with my child during training and competition became difficult if not frustrating for both of us. Tutoring and guidance from Nuno has provided a solid foundation to reconnect and enhance parent-child relationship particularly when your child character is extremely competitive and determined. Nuno’s tutoring was pleasantly relaxed, non-judgmental and meaningful, acting as both a motivational pull and motivational push experience. Ultimately I have a better understanding of my child’s needs within a competitive sporting environment which has brought us “closer together”. I cannot emphasis enough the benefits that have been learnt from Nuno’s coaching programme in helping me in the difficult process of recognizing negative behavioural traits emotionally and physically as a parent. It takes practice and reinforcement daily but the results are addictive.

Alan Abbat, 42 year-old father of a 9 year-old national tennis player, UK


Throughout my adolescence I’ve always struggled with anxiety, being nervous under pressure, negative thoughts, being easily distracted and more. This made me a student that was always left far from his potential and then took me close to complete exhaustion. I was having serious problems with sleep, lack of focus and very sensitive and reactive to stress. I had gone to a psychologist and worked for over a year with him, but within the first few sessions with Nuno I could already see how different and much more efficient he was with his approach. I have now ended the coaching and I can tell you that this is probably one of the best things that happened in my life. My change was so profound! And I am free from the fatigue and pressure that wouldn’t leave me. Now at school I can see and feel like a normal kid. I am grateful for how Nuno helped me change for the better. I feel like a real “Buddhist Warrior”. Thank you friend Nuno for having left me in the field of battle with the weapons I need for life.

Ricardo, 17 years old, Surfer and Secondary School student


What I got from coaching in the end was so unexpected compared to what I thought I was going to get when I started. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the pressures of my PhD that I was no longer coping anymore: couldn’t study, couldn’t read anymore, couldn’t focus, etc. The coaching impacted my life greatly by helping me become more relaxed under pressure, through improving my self-confidence levels and also the efficiency at work and in my PhD studies. Even though I increased significantly my productivity at work, I also started enjoying life much more and importantly, allowing myself to find moments to relax and fully enjoy them without having constant concerns with work. Finally, even though my topic nothing had to do with intimate relationships I also felt the impact it had in my relationship with my partner; I can now feel much closer and connected to her. I therefore strongly recommend anyone on getting involved with coaching and Nuno in particular as your coach.

Hugo Sarmento, 32 years old, PhD in Sports and Football, Portugal


Work with Nuno had a big impact on me. Both on personal and professional aspects of my life. I always felt guided to self-discover the best ways to improve the areas I needed, truly supported by Nuno´s coaching methodology and style. The first thing that really impressed me was Nuno’s concern on being flexible to adapt the sessions and practices to my lifestyle. The coaching has helped me to improve my social skills, manage anxiety and find a balance in my interests, which ultimately had a strong impact both on my personal and working life. I really enjoyed the fact that the coaching did not only rely on sessions but also daily practices which allowed me to stay focused on my objective throughout the 6 months. I truly recommend anyone who wants to experience personal growth and a more fulfilled life to embrace this opportunity and work with Nuno.

Rui Loureiro, 33 years old, Rugby manager, Portugal


I was going through an identity crisis with my work and my personal life. I felt demotivated and lost as to where my place was both in my company and in the world. From the first sessions where we defined the coaching program and action plan, added by an amazing and transparent metaphor, you motivated me as an individual through your intelligence and incredible sensibility to pin-point and explore problems and causes, be them professional or personal. It feels incredibly rewarding to work with someone so down-to-the point; while the one-on-one sessions were incredibly profound they helped me reflect and become more conscious of several disruptive patters in myself, your coaching practices would bring practical progress and a clear way to the path of my new way of being.

It’s amazing how all I looked for when I searched you for coaching was to simply regain the motivation at work and I came out on the other side with an experience that has profoundly impacted my life at all levels. By using the practices we managed to explore the roots to my lack of motivation and I ended up entering an incredible ride, a fantastic journey of self-growth where I found myself as a person – I realize that to feel good at work I needed to look for harmony in the remaining quadrants of my life.

Today I can say that further from having become a much stronger professional, I am nowadays motivated and productive. I feel in alignment with myself and with what does me good. I can count by the fingers of my hand the life-altering experience that I have had and this was, without a doubt one of them.

The concept and method of Integral Coaching is not enough to even start describing this experience. People say that we can only find who we are when we are taken to our limits and this is what I feel today together with an immense gratitude for you. Thank you Nuno.

Pedro Dos Santos, Chief Operating Office @ Pvinova, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


After my very first coaching conversation with Nuno I gained the clarity to make a significant life change – reduce my hours to part time in my current job so that I could develop my own coaching practice. It really does sound too good to be true but 6 months from that first session I now have at least 5 days off per week to put in to my own creative efforts and I am earning more money than I ever have done in the past, with far more energy, way less stress, and much more time to have fun and hang out with my friends and family, travel and have new experiences. My take home learning is that there are countless ways to creatively organise your life, but unconscious habits and limitations can hold you back from creating the life you really want and taking the risks that you need to take. Working with Nuno supported me with both. I see what blocks me and I’m pushing the limits of what I thought was not possible for me. Nuno – in all senses of the word: “Valeu!”.

David Keely, 37, Social Care Worker and Integral Coach


Recently, after having gone through a period of many changes (both geographic and emotional) I was struggling to face all that life was presenting me with. Luckily I heard about Nuno… and after our first contact it was immediately apparent how he could help me! It was an incredible journey. Nuno offered me a wonderful and powerful metaphor that showed me where I was and another to support my way to get to where I wanted. I couldn’t have felt more understood, which immediately allowed me to fully trust Nuno’s work. The program was completely tailored to my needs, helping me touch on repressed emotions (that I didn’t even know were there), whilst teaching me to manage those very emotions in a much more controlled, safe and generous manner. The result was finding much better ways to deal with difficult relationships in my life. I feel genuinely happy and strong because I have now been traveling by myself for 4 months since my coaching program ended! I cannot thank you enough for this terrific journey, filled with emotions and experiences that I will forever keep with me, as they help me to move forwards. I cannot recommend Nuno enough. If you identify with my words… don’t waste time and contact Nuno!

Mariana Centeno, Account Manager, Paris


Nuno as my coach has been a truly life-changing experience. Right from day one, from the questions he asked and the insights and revelations they ignited, from the quality of his listening and his expert conciseness in summarising, from the way I felt constantly supported, understood and encouraged in a totally empathic way,  I had no doubt I was in the hands of a true Master Coach.

What I felt Nuno brought to the coaching relationship wasn’t just a very bright and expansive mind able to work with precision and depth to cut to the chase and provide me with tools, tasks and insights that kept me fully engaged (as well as constantly intrigued) on my developmental journey, but also a huge heart with a huge capacity for caring, understanding and intuiting just exactly what kind of support and guidance I needed to achieve my goals. Yes, a true Master Coach – and a beautiful human-being. I couldn’t have been more inspired. If you’re considering coaching, whatever your challenges are, by all means contact Nuno. It will be so worth it!!
Malcolm Gyles, Integral Master Coach TM and Communication Teacher @ Higher Education

Nuno struck a chord with me from our initial consultation. I had spoken to and worked with other coaches who were driven by their process and I was underwhelmed. In contrast Nuno had a structure to our sessions that was frighteningly specific and relevant to my personality and my topic – dealing with the immense and overwhelming pressures at work. It was my own personal journey with a coach who helped me understand myself better than ever before. I achieved success in my topic and have maintained the structure Nuno helped develop within me in the months since our coaching stopped. As a result I feel like my potential is being realised where previously it felt wasted.  I feel more alive than I ever have.  I can’t recommend Nuno enough, to the extent that my wife will be working with Nuno shortly.

Kristian Wolf, 35-year old Business Consultant


Before I started the coaching, I did not realise I had a problem. However, it is now patently obvious that I did. I was always trying to please others ahead of myself and was obsessed by what people thought of me and my business. I was immensely stressed but not really aware that I was – I was comfortable with myself but I realise now that that was because I knew no better, and had become used to my “current way”. I still have moments of stress as my business is a stressful one – employing over 10 staff and having to find their salaries every month etc… I can deal with this now effectively, where by last year things were getting on top of me without myself realising. I was initially highly sceptical  about the coaching but I thought I would give it a go, mainly due to my company having built Nuno’s website and the issue of burnout calling my eye, i.e. I wondered whether it could be happening to me. I was fascinated & intrigued to see what the coaching was about – but did not really think I needed it. In other words, I thought I could deal with my overwhelming stresses by myself.

Immediately I found Nuno’s coaching style to be well structured and he was very respectful in his approach. Not once did he say that I was doing the wrong thing or my “current way” was wrong – but he just gradually helped me to come to my own conclusions and help myself – by seeing the benefits and working out my “new way”. Since undertaking this course my work life balance has improved exponentially. I still work hard but I now work smart – and work in a more controlled thoughtful manner. My business and my personal life have benefitted massively. I have also applied his coaching to my training regime as I am a keen runner, and the same principles have helped me with that too. I would recommend Nuno to anyone, but I would especially recommend him for those who have massive pressures and find it difficult to share and overcome them. If you think you do not have time then you are a perfect candidate! Make time. It is worth it!

Julian Smout – Managing Director – Verve Graphic Design & Marketing Limited


Engaging in this coaching program was a big challenge because it made me face my fears of opening up to others, and specifically speaking about my own fears, my “ghosts”, boundaries with others, closing down and not allow people to help me. Nuno helped me find the Andreia that had always been here but I wouldn’t allow others “to see her”. Through life I created a shadow of myself always wanting to show courage to help others but ending up forgetting about myself. Through Nuno’s courage, friendship, work ethic and love for the other, I have learnt to love myself more. The fears will forever be here; fears of loss that made me become pessimistic with life. Today however I can say that life goes on, that it should be celebrated, that I want to provoke laughter in the ones I love, sing, paint, smile… all in all, to Love! To Live!!

Thank you Nuno for helping me care about the “I” in me, to reflect and work for changing something that I knew was possible but that by myself I would have never been able to achieve. It was thanks to you, to your dedication, to our laughter, to the tears shed, to my “adaptations”  You managed to help me achieve what by myself I would not reach, i.e. to find that Andreia that I so longed for!

Andreia Rodrigues, Accountant, Lisbon, Portugal


Having Nuno as my coach for the second time was again a great experience. Once more his approach and way to lead me into new paths and explorations exceeded my expectations. His knowledge and skills made me feel comfortable and confident during our journey. Not everything was easy though. However, the challenges we faced together were always surpassed with common agreement and team work. Nuno always made me feel part of the process. My concerns were always carefully listened and taken into account. With that said, after this coaching experience I feel more confident and aware of the path I should take and how to face and battle the life challenges with the tools Nuno taught me.

Alan Tyrrell, Sports Event Organizer, London, UK


I am glad I completed my third one-to-one coaching cycle with Nuno! One may think that after succeeding on the first cycle the room for improvement is shortened, but actually it works as a gateway for self-exploration and self-development. To be successful in today’s ever changing world, one must positively answer the challenge of looking deeper into the self, humbly understand the major pitfalls and work on the turnaround. With his heartfelt listening, to-the-point diagnoses and innovative practices, Nuno pulls the levers needed for the coachee to make sound improvements in the selected development areas. This is why it is such a great pleasure for me to have him as a coach!

Troy Smith, CEO of a Cement company, Birmingham, UK


This was my second coaching program with Nuno. I felt the breakthrough started earlier this time, right in the first session. There was something bothering me deeply but I couldn’t identify what the issue really was. By exposing the overall picture, Nuno managed to present me with a metaphor that both pointed out clearly the struggle I was aiming to overtake and set the basis for the development path for the coming weeks. It was not an easy task for both coach and coachee, but I became increasingly strong in the domain I was working in. This was acknowledged not only by myself and Nuno, but more importantly by people very close to me, stating that I am now much stronger and  effective to manage situations that before made me feel vulnerable, lost and even scared. This was another giant leap in my personal development path. Besides, my openness to work these skills with Nuno, it has also been highly appreciated in my job and triggered the decision of the company I currently work in to support my development as a leader with high potential.

Pedro Oliveira, CFO of a cement company


It was such a great thing that I got to know that Nuno was offering integral coaching services. I am a PhD student and I find what I am doing quite challenging. During my PhD I have found out that I have some strong issues that prevent me from obtaining the best results of exhibiting my full potential. These issues impaired me the whole life in every field, i.e. social life, school, self-esteem, etc. With starting the PhD, away from home I started becoming overwhelmed with all my issues emerging, the constant demand from myself about my performance and the PhD challenges. Nuno helped me to gain mental and body consciousness and develop strategies to deal with all of the above. I can now say that it makes a huge difference! I have managed to control my stress, my emotions and connect to my body, and my energy is back! Just yesterday I gave a presentation about my PhD and it was awesome!! Something I could not perform at before…

Tobias Humm, MSc, PhD Neuroscience Researcher


It has been a magnificent journey through the realms of my consciousness during this process. I feel very excited now with what my life will bring because of the new changes that I have embodied through this process. I felt very supported and understood all along, and this was so important because of some of the vulnerable moments I experienced when speaking about my personal issues. Nuno created a very safe environment which, in its own right was such a blissful relationship that I will now forever cherish. The process itself is, paradoxically very simple and powerful and somehow easy to commit to. I found each session challenging in what I know about myself. Always coming out from it with a strong imprint in me. I can now understand much more about how I see the world and why, and how this impacts my emotions and consequently my life. It has certainly empowered me more, not only on my topic but in every aspect of my life. Not only I recommend working with Nuno at least once in your life as it is a wonderful experience and opportunity for personal growth, but I also recommend repeating it! I know I will.

Gabriell Jeukendrup, 33 year-old Research Scientist, Nederland


Through my integral life coaching sessions with Nuno, I was able to transition and transform my life in all aspects, including my intimate, personal, and work life. My life and most importantly, my perception and outlook on life and people that I interacted with on a daily basis changed and I was able to alter the direction of my life entirely. I was able to release myself from toxic relationships at work and in my personal life and regain the confidence and self-esteem that I needed to move forward and take a different and new approach to my life. Trust is key in the one-to-one sessions with Nuno and I felt that this connection was integral and paramount to the coaching sessions. After the conclusion of our sessions, I emerged as an evolved individual that accepted certain aspects of her past. I realise that they will always be a part of me, but now I can recognise those aspects of myself and transcend above them.

Tracy Roberts, 28 year-old Post-Doc Researcher, USA


My experience with coaching has been extremely positive. Through the whole experience I re-connected for the first time ever my mind with my body sensibility, and this gave me the tools I needed to be aware of my posture, speech and thinking. Our body provides us a lot of information and once you are able to listen to it you can act better according to your own will and interest. Your mind bears the power but you feel it with your body! I really recommend coaching with Nuno for anyone who is wanting to improve whatever area of their lives.

Roger Rodrigues, 32 year-old Financial Adviser, Portugal


Personally coaching helped me to focus into a deeper dimension of myself and to better understand what triggers my emotions when I am out of my comfort zone. Importantly, it provided me with key tools to address these concerns and to improve my practices at work. At another level (which left me surprised!!), was how the coaching impacted a lot of other areas in my life – personal, relational and even my sports practice. All in all, it was a challenging but extremely rewarding experience.

John Birch, 29 years old, CFO of a Cement company, UK


Working with Nuno was always focused, insightful and professional, it was also a lot more than this. I always felt Nuno’s heart open and with me on my ride. He helped me become more organised but from my own awareness and supported me in enjoying bring more flow to my life. He also gently showed me the link to my difficulty with organisation and deeper concerns in my being. I have worked and practiced in the world of self-development for the last 10 years and believe Nuno definitely stands out. I would highly recommend him as a coach.

David Butler, 32 years old, Performance Life Coach, USA


At first, I was very apprehensive about taking part in the coaching programme and it left me wondering how it would benefit myself. Then, through individual tailored practices set out every 2 weeks, the overall outcome started seeming more attainable, even though it was challenging at times.It made me become more aware of my abilities in understanding where I needed to be, what I wanted to achieve and how to get there. During the coaching process I was able to see desirable changes, which made the whole experience very rewarding. Overall, I became more confident in my life and more fulfilled.

Julia Bell, 34 year-old University Lecturer, UK

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